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How Hospitals Can Get an Upper Hand on Contract Staffing

HWL executives, Jeff Niles, Executive Vice President, and Tommy Binner, Vice President, hosted the Becker’s Healthcare Webinar, How Hospitals Can Get an Upper Hand on Contract Staffing, that discusses the distinctions between vendor-neutral Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and master agency MSPs, highlighting the advantages of partnering with a non-agency staffing provider. The HWL leaders were joined by Maxine Briggs, CFO, Samaritan Health, and Meghan Fay-McCaffrey, Network Director Physician Services, UVMHN Medical Group, as they explained how the vendor-neutral MSP model has impacted their organizations for the better.

The webinar explores how an open and transparent marketplace can reduce costs and enhance quality. By leveraging a vendor-neutral program, hospitals can implement staffing solutions while promoting efficiency, transparency, and quality care delivery.

In the complex ecosystem of healthcare staffing, the choice between a vendor-neutral MSP and a master agency MSP can have far-reaching implications for hospitals and healthcare systems. Understanding the differences and advantages of each approach is crucial for making informed decisions that align with organizational goals and priorities.

Vendor-Neutral MSP vs. Master Agency MSP:

A vendor-neutral MSP operates independently of staffing agencies, providing hospitals with access to a broader pool of healthcare professionals without exclusive ties or restrictions. In contrast, a master agency MSP typically operates under the umbrella of a single staffing agency, which may limit access to resources and introduce conflicts of interest. Maxine Briggs, CFO, Samaritan Health explains, “We used to be under a Master Agency Model, and now, seeing the vendor-neutral model, it’s very transparent. If you would have asked what the rate for a candidate before implemented the locums management and MSP, you would not get a breakdown and you would have limited transparency.”

Advantages of a Non-Agency Staffing Partner:

Partnering with a non-agency staffing provider offers several distinct advantages:

Access to a Diverse Marketplace: Neutrality allows for open competition for the best candidate to be found at the best price. A vendor-neutral MSP facilitates access to a diverse marketplace of healthcare professionals, enabling hospitals to select the most qualified candidates for their specific needs. This diversity fosters competition among providers, driving down costs and promoting quality.

Client-Centered Contracts: Unified contract terms benefit the customer, not the agency. Client-centered contracts eliminate unnecessary fees and ensure that hospitals receive optimal value for their staffing investments. HWL’s contracting process engages all stakeholders in a careful process that ensures competitive market rate structures and supplier commitment by establishing a vendor panel across all geographies.

Access to More Candidates: Wider vendor panels promote increased access without barriers to releasing jobs. By eliminating exclusivity agreements and restrictive access, a vendor-neutral MSP allows hospitals to optimize their staffing budgets and minimize unnecessary expenses.

HWL's locums management aims to provide comprehensive support and services to healthcare organizations, ensuring smooth and effective management of locum tenens staffing operations. “I really think it’s about the time to fill – that’s what’s so important to me. I need to get providers in quickly in response to urgent needs, and having a larger pool to choose from, we can bring Physicians and APPs in the door to provide those services which is turn is generating revenue while supporting our communities. When leveraging our Locums program, we are giving our other full-time Providers and staff some very deserved relief in their service, as well," states Meghan Fay-McCaffrey, Network Director Physician Services, UVMHN Medical Group.

Unbiased Access to Data: Transparent and open flow of on-time information for all customer data needs. Non-agency staffing partners operate with transparency and accountability, providing hospitals with clear insights into pricing, performance metrics, and compliance standards.

Lower Costs: Favorable contract terms and wider access to candidates drive down costs and promote cost-efficiency in staffing processes.

Favorable Contract Terms: Unified contract terms benefit the customer, ensuring that hospitals receive optimal value for their staffing investments.

Better Candidates/Quicker Fills: Access to a diverse marketplace of healthcare professionals promotes competition and innovation, driving continuous improvement in the quality of care delivered to patients.

Actionable, Real-Time Data: Transparent and open flow of on-time information for all customer data needs, enabling hospitals to make informed staffing decisions and drive efficiency. HWL’s Vendor Management System (VMS), provides organizations with business intelligence to formulate strategic decisions informed by acquired insights can result in cost reductions and enhancements in operational efficiency.

In an era defined by healthcare reform and technological innovation, hospitals and healthcare systems must prioritize efficiency, transparency, and quality in their staffing practices. By partnering with a vendor-neutral MSP, organizations can unlock the benefits of a diverse marketplace, transparent processes, and cost-effective solutions. In doing so, they can enhance patient care outcomes while achieving sustainable financial success.

HWL is a leading provider of vendor-neutral Managed Service Provider (MSP) solutions, empowering healthcare organizations to optimize their staffing processes and enhance patient care delivery. With a focus on outcomes such as lower costs, higher quality, and greater transparency, HWL is committed to driving innovation and efficiency in the healthcare workforce marketplace.

For more information about HWL and our services, please visit www.hwlworks.com.

April 02, 2024/By Tommy Binner
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Author: Tommy Binner

Tommy serves as a Vice President of Business development and drives new go to market strategies, client acquisition, and program delivery initiatives with HWL partners. With over 17 years of business development and team leadership experience (specifically in healthcare), he has been serving healthcare client partners since 2006. He brings a unique insight on the marketplace having lead enterprise initiatives with the Nation's largest healthcare providers in the healthcare technology, locums and telemedicine industries. He holds an MBA and MHA from Georgia State University and a BS from The University of Georgia.
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