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Case Study: How HWL Helped AMI Health Grow Exponentially During Disaster Response

When the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) approached AMI Health for disaster response assistance, its staffing department, which consisted of two people, knew they needed help. That's where HWL came into play.


The Problem

In 2020, the Department of Health and Human Services contracted AMI Health for disaster relief assistance. Because AMI's staffing department consisted of only two people, they knew they would need outside help. These two individuals were responsible for deploying healthcare providers to both the fixed and temporary medical facilities with which AMI was engaged. 


Their first assignment was at a Kirkland, WA nursing home, where two-thirds of the residents had fallen ill with the novel coronavirus, and one-third of its staff had called in sick. The two AMI employees worked around-the-clock and managed to get the job done, however it became clear that they'd need help after receiving more work from the DHHS.


Key Challenges:

  • Limited personnel
  • Explosive demand for providers that stretched the AMI staffing team
  • Logistics regarding travel, lodging, etc.


The Solution

HWL provided their VMS platform, which gives clients access to a network of over 100 vendors. The technology helped AMI set up a COVID triage unit adjacent to Beth Israel Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, where ICU nurses and RNs, along with other healthcare professionals, were in extremely short supply. The team could now submit candidates, credentials, and invoices through the VMS, streamlining tedious processes in the midst of a crisis.


The Results

  • Over 472 unique providers were placed on 811 contracts from Spring 2020 through 2021
  • With HWL’s support, AMI experienced exponential growth


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic produced crises all over the globe, and for each one AMI was engaged--HWL was there to offer critical assistance:


  • When the Georgia World Congress Center was retrofitted as a COVID triage unit, AMI used HWL to staff more than 200 healthcare providers
  • When AMI was tasked with setting up COVID units throughout the Navajo Nation, HWL helped staff 400 providers throughout Arizona and New Mexico. 
  • At the Georgia World Congress Center, and in the state of Pennsylvania, HWL helped staff vaccination clinics for the entire state’s public school teachers during each new wave.


To read the full data, download the complete case study here.

View Full Case Study


HWL Is Ready to Help You, Too

By decreasing the time it takes to get healthcare providers on the floor, AMI Health was able to provide even better care for its patients, while easing the burden on current staff, ultimately improving the healthcare delivery process for everyone involved.


HWL has been helping healthcare organizations of every size and magnitude across the country. Find out how we can help you too!

July 08, 2022/By Jeff Niles
TAGS: Case Study
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Author: Jeff Niles

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