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Case Study: How HWL Helped Houston Healthcare Reduce Staff Spend By Almost One-Third

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When Houston Healthcare, an organization located in Warner Robins, GA that consists of seven different entities serving 300,000 patients annually, approached Healthcare Workforce Logistics (HWL) with a problem, we sprang into action. 


The Problem

Houston Medical Center, a busy hospital that serves a sizable military community, realized that their staffing solutions were one-sided once one of their Med/Surg nurses needed extended time off. They immediately began the process of hiring a temporary worker and found the process to be tedious, cumbersome, and inefficient, pulling the Nurse Manager away from their primary duties.


Key Challenges:

  • Inefficiencies in finding and screening temporary nurses
  • Managers being pulled away from their duties to field calls from staffing agencies
  • Agency contracts and pay rates favoring the agencies, not the hospital
  • Time consuming, and manual process for reconciling time sheets with vendor invoices


The Solution

In August 2021, HWL partnered with Houston Healthcare in order to implement customized, vendor-neutral MSP technology that streamlines temp staffing. Our software was implemented within 30 days and immediately helped the organization centralize the following processes:

  • Create a single point of contact for vendors and management regarding vacancies
  • Submit candidates
  • Sign contracts
  • Manage credentialing
  • Approve time keeping
  • Track invoices


The Results

HWL helped Houston Healthcare save time and money, improve fill rates, and more:

  • Time Savings — The excessive amount of time spent on back-and-forth bill rate negotiations, searching for credentials, and reconciling invoices with ten different vendors was eliminated by streamlining all processes through HWL. 
  • Improved Fill Rate — With 56 vendors competing to fill vacancies, each requisition received an average of 4-7 candidates, which resulted in a 100% fill rate.
  • Cost Savings — Houston Healthcare observed a significant reduction in average monthly temporary staffing spend due to more competitive rates, eliminating hidden agency fees, and having travelers complete paperwork prior to the start date.

To read more details on how we helped Houston Healthcare, download the full case study here.

View Full Case Study


HWL Is Ready to Help You, Too

HWL reduced costs and eliminated headaches caused by the former temporary staffing process. The impact is far greater than saving money or helping any one person do their job. By significantly decreasing the time it takes to get healthcare providers on the floor, Houston is now able to provide even better care for its patients, while easing the burden on current staff, ultimately improving the healthcare delivery process for everyone involved.

HWL has been helping healthcare organizations of every size and magnitude across the country. Find out how we can help you too!

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June 27, 2022/By Lori Kiesel
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Author: Lori Kiesel

Lori Kiesel joined Healthcare Workforce Logistics (HWL) in 2020 as Director of Business Development. Shortly thereafter, Lori was promoted to Vice President, after proving herself as a leader in new client sales. Prior to joining the HWL team, Lori served as an account executive with one of the largest healthcare staffing agencies in the country for over 20 years. Lori is a native Californian, who now lives in the greater Boston area with her family.
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