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HWL Works: More Than Just a Healthcare MSP

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HWL Works is a holistic approach to healthcare staffing management that considers  all of your business's goals, pain points, and everything in between. From a state-of-the-art vendor management system (VMS) platform, managed service program (MSP), and locums management services to helping you create an internal agency and source talent directly, our suite of workforce solutions helps you attain organizational imperatives.

But what exactly is HWL Works, and what can you expect from it? 


Why HWL Works

HWL Works intimately understands the healthcare industry's staffing woes and the effects that it's had on organizations just like yours. Around 90% of hospitals utilize contingent labor in some capacity; and with seemingly no end in sight, staffing costs have been one of the top priorities for leadership. 

Our turnkey solutions are proven to help organizations manage these costs without sacrificing integrity of care. In fact, our technology is already implemented in over 2,600 care settings, including health systems, behavioral health, home health, skilled nursing, long-term care, post-acute/rehab, testing sites and clinics. The HWL leadership team has over 70 years of combined experience managing large-scale, $1 billion+ contingent labor spend through VMS and MSP programs..


What to Expect From HWL Works


Vendor-Neutral MSP Solutions

Our vendor-neutral MSP solutions have proven time and time again to lower contingent labor costs, eliminate administrative burdens, and streamline recruiting processes through:

  • Contract Management: Ensure competitive market rates through meticulous analysis and supplier commitment.
  • Dedicated Account Management: We act as a dedicated point of contact between suppliers and internal stakeholders, taking on the burden of the entire recruiting process from requisition to invoicing.
  • Clinical Screening: Our clinicians conduct intake calls with hiring managers to determine the required skills, cultural fit, experience, and background.
  • Onboarding: All certifications and health information is verified and uploaded to ensure 100% compliance with HR. 
  • Real-time Analytics: Gain key insights into vendor performance, utilization, and more.

Keep in mind all of this is approached with unparalleled vendor neutrality. We ensure you are not locked into a single vendor, which allows you to add or remove vendors based on performance.

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Private Label Internal Agency

What better way to recruit than to create your very own internal agency? HWL Works helps you build one from the ground up. On average, our clients see a spend reduction of 15-20%. By shifting your contingent labor to an internal agency, money flows directly to the healthcare workers, thus simultaneously reducing costs and improving worker satisfaction. HWL Works' internal agency services are run by former agency executives, meaning as veterans of the space, they understand agency economics and operations. 

Start Building Your Agency


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Talent Management Software/Vendor Management System (VMS)

A vendor management system, or VMS for short, is a cloud-based technology platform that centralizes the most critical decision-driving information about your contingent workforce. This includes tracked performance, worker wages, location, availability, and more. By standardizing contingent staff management, the organization is able to save money in both the immediate and long term. HWL's VMS includes the ability to create custom workflows, integrate with your existing systems, and provides robust analytics and reporting mechanisms.

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SourceDirect Talent Acquisition

SourceDirect is a turnkey employer branding & digital marketing offering that allows you to source local, regional, and national talent more effectively. This is achieved by establishing direct talent pipelines and building internal resource pools to decrease overall dependence on contingent labor. HWL will serve as a front-end extension of your recruiting team to strengthen and promote your employer brand and ensure top talent is being attracted to your organization.

Start Sourcing Directly



Local InSourced Flex Team

HWL's Local InSourced Flex Team (LIFT) helps healthcare organizations design, develop, and leverage internal staffing pools. By creatively utilizing our technology platform, organizations are able to broadcast open shifts through various communication channels and access real-time performance analytics. Cultivating an internal team of top talent has never been easier once a rapid-cycle recruitment marketing strategy is put into place using our Local InSourced Flex Team.

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The HWL Marketplace

The HWL Marketplace fosters cross collaboration by bringing together high-performing HWL clients with third-party technology providers that can enhance workforce management strategies. This platform facilitates stronger relationship building to ensure organizations find the help they need and technology providers find new users for their products.


Get Connected in the Marketplace


Healthcare Recruitment Advisory Services

Perhaps your organization doesn't even know where to begin optimizing recruiting processes. That's why HWL Works' seasoned experts provide guidance on how to navigate your unique staffing challenges. Whether you're a new facility seeking to establish a strong foundation or an established institution trying to optimize recruiting efficiencies, we can help. 

Our experts operate with integrity, transparency, and a client-focused approach. We believe in building strong, lasting relationships because we understand that your continued success is essential to serving your community.

From recruitment and compensation to reporting KPIs and contingent workforce management, HWL has you covered.

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HWL Works Provides Solutions to Your Healthcare Organization's Woes

Every healthcare facility is different and therefore has different pain points. HWL Works was meticulously designed from its very foundations to be a turnkey solution for organizations of all types and sizes. Whether you need help containing staffing costs, finding quality staff, guidance on how to scale the company, or just want to get connected with like-minded individuals in your field, HWL has your back.

To learn more about our holistic suite of services, we're just a phone call away. 

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October 25, 2023/By Jeff Niles
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Author: Jeff Niles

Jeff is Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Healthcare Workforce Logistics and has been in healthcare contingent workforce management for over 15 years. Jeff has led sales, implementation, and client services to some of the largest and most influential healthcare providers with technology and solutions installed in over 3,000 hospitals in 50 states and the UK. Jeff is inspired to work with transformational leaders that have a vision to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, transparency, compliance, quality and cost savings. Contact Jeff at jniles@hwlmsp.com OR 630-913-6629
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