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Talent Acquisition Optimization: A Progressive and Innovative Solution to Combating the Uncertainty of the Clinical Staffing Trends

The Pandemic swept the nation and revealed the extreme pressures placed on our country's healthcare delivery system. Healthcare provider organizations face a highly competitive market due to chronic labor shortages and burnt-out medical workers. Additionally, inflation and unsustainable market rates that have yet to stabilize are making for the perfect storm. As a result, hospitals are being forced to find solutions that are both progressive and innovative to combat this clinical staffing dynamic. Healthcare organizations must address labor shortages with more creativity and business intelligence than before the Pandemic to operate in the black.

Talent Acquisition Optimization services allow organizations to assess, organize, and implement new talent strategies to hire highly qualified clinical and non-clinical workers.

It is abundantly clear that the workforce is stretched thin, with many workers, at times, covering more than one other organizational role. Human Resource and Talent Acquisition employees within healthcare organizations are no different. Hospitals can rarely assign dedicated specialists with a hyper-focus on talent strategy as they need these same professionals to manage their applicant tracking systems which is a reactionary process. Hospitals need to seek strategic partners with expertise to develop a dynamic and robust feeder system to organically source qualified and experienced candidates from the most well-known sources that job seekers are visiting.

Hospitals face unprecedented financial strain from their heavy reliance on agencies that charge considerable markup to source and procure talent. Costs associated with sourcing candidates can be crippling to even the largest of hospital systems, but also those in rural areas committed to keeping services available and accessible to the communities they serve.

HWL is partnering with hospitals by leveraging our VMS technology and expertise to create a more efficient and sustainable talent acquisition process for both contingent and direct hire sourcing. Our HWL Talent Acquisition Optimization services help hospitals create an effective, “Top of the funnel” sourcing strategy that will provide short-term relief for gaps in the organization's workforce and create a permanent solution aligned with the market and the organization's budget constraints. Talent acquisition is now different from before the Pandemic. The needs are different, and the techniques required to find committed quality candidates look different than they once did.

When hospitals partner with HWL for Talent Acquisition Optimization, HWL completes a thorough assessment of the facility or organization’s unique requirements tailored to their environment of care. HWL will determine resources and solutions suited to your situation based on a Professional Services Assessment (PSA). As a result, HWL makes it possible to implement a turn-key solution for a more comprehensive or phased approach depending on the organization's specific needs; we know that it is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

HWL's multi-faceted approach offers a full spectrum of workforce solutions tailored to an organization's needs. We promote and implement a holistic approach to workforce management solutions to ensure an organization is set up for success. HWL desires to act as an extension of a hospital's centralized Human Resource operations to find talent that is aligned with your organization’s key objectives using the framework that is your organization’s name and branding.

March 24, 2023/By Lauren Cabral
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Author: Lauren Cabral

Lauren N. Cabral joined HWL as the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Consulting Services in 2020. With over a 25-year record of achievement in driving transformational workforce management and talent acquisition optimization strategies to some of the most prestigious integrated delivery networks in the country, Lauren has demonstrated executive leadership in leading teams and large-scale engagements in serving as the Vice President of Advisory Solutions, Business Development and Client Services for some of the most respected healthcare workforce management firms in the nation.
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