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2023 Strategic Workforce Challenges

The 2020s have been a decade of challenges and adversity for society as a whole. Healthcare has borne the brunt of these challenges as it was on the frontlines of many of these trials. Healthcare workers have pushed through many of the obstacles that were put in front of them over the last three years, beginning at the start of the Pandemic. Staff shortages, long hours with no breaks, delays in receiving necessary supplies, and overall low morale have brought forth new core challenges that we must continue to address nationwide as we enter 2023.

We must attract and retain quality healthcare workers

Health systems have had to operate at such high demand with the constant pressure to fill in the staffing holes; all while ensuring they are meeting high standards of care for patients. While the novelty of the Coronavirus has come and gone, what lies in its place is the burnt-out healthcare workers that shouldered the constant pressures of treating the virus. The American Medical Association reports that the number of aged adults requiring care has increased while the labor force has plummeted to 62.1% from the pre-Covid levels of 63.4%. Also, more adults are leaving the workforce than coming into it. All these factors combine to create complex staffing needs and a scramble to fill vacancies, both short and long-term. Staffing shortages, not just clinical, but ancillary, as well, have been filled by temporary staff more frequently to plug the holes. The cost to hire contingent staff lacks transparency and increases the cost to hospitals when relied upon as heavily as it is now. Healthcare systems must aggressively seek out workforce solutions that are cost-effective and offer long-term relief to frontline workers.

HWL has created an innovative way to combat significant agency markups while bringing forth quality healthcare workers for organizations in great need of contingent healthcare workers to fill voids in their hospitals. Working with health organizations to create an internal agency that invokes transparency for both hospitals and workers, at cost savings to the hospitals bringing the workers on board.

We must learn how to leverage people analytics to drive efficiency

Collecting and analyzing data on talent is key to any healthcare organizations’ ability to make strategic decisions for future staffing needs. The ability to use technology to better understand current employment trends allows hospital administrators to mauver to more efficient and streamlined processes to not only navigate staffing challenges but also ensure that they are making the appropriate financial decisions for their hospitals. Trends such as contingent staff usage and spending can provide valuable insight into how a hospital is staffing the different areas in their facilities, what needs are going unmet, and what administrators can expect to pay for both their permanent and temporary staff in the upcoming year.

HWL’s business intelligence provides healthcare companies with the opportunity to gain valuable insight into their operational performance. HWL VMS secures data points minute-by minute to provide intelligence that leads to operational improvements, as well as opportunities for cost savings. These insights are readily available through HWL ‘s easy-to-navigate VMS dashboards with reports that can be downloaded based on your organization’s needs and preferences.

It will take commitment on the part of hospital administrators, Human Resource employees, and healthcare professionals alike, to solve the healthcare staffing emergency in our country. Health systems across the country must find ways to use workforce solutions that are at their fingertips to provide not just temporary, but long-term staff, as well. Simplifying the screening, interviewing, and hiring process is a heavy load for health systems, as well. Relieving hospitals of the burden of these processes allows them to do what they do best, care for patients. Healthcare Workforce Logistics (HWL) offers these workforce solutions and more. For health systems to succeed, we must continue to come up with innovative and cost-effective solutions to our staffing problems because just like healthcare itself is evolving, so is its workforce.


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December 20, 2022/By Ciara Endicott
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Author: Ciara Endicott

Ciara Endicott is currently a Marketing Specialist with HWL. Before coming to HWL, Ciara previously worked with a prominent and influential oncology practice in Arizona, overseeing the Integrative Oncology Patient Support Services marketing and communications. She also worked for a large radiology practice where she planned nationwide recruiting events for physicians. With over 7 years of marketing experience, Ciara has been an integral part of creating social media and blog content for healthcare organizations. Ciara enjoys the creative opportunities that marketing offers and enjoys her current role with HWL because she believes in their commitment to proactively working to improve healthcare staffing across the country.
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