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Achieve Vaccine Rates in Outlying Communities Faster

Healthcare Workforce Logistics (HWL) provides state, regional, and local governments a comprehensive solution to improve vaccination rates in targeted communities. Our robust technology, extensive network of staffing and supply chain partners and expertise in the deployment of community-based vaccination programs makes us the top choice for bringing care to people.


How it Works

Our solution design team will provide a proposal to achieve the vaccination goals which will include a combination of:

  • Vaccination delivery models 
  • Strategies to overcome specific challenges in each demographic through community outreach
  • Development and administration of incentive programs targeted to specific audiences
  • Data-driven success measurements and outcomes estimates and timelines


Learn More: HWL Mobile Vaccination Program


HWL’s Community Outreach Vaccination Program


Hands-on Approach to Forging Alliances in the Community

We get to work right away within the community—building relationships with influencers, community leaders, and authority figures. 

  • Develop Community Advisory Committees (CAC) in each target area - religious leaders, business leaders, school leaders, health leaders, and other community advocates. We listen and learn from each leader regarding specific challenges.

  • Meet with the CAC to share educational information and materials that can be communicated to their community which addresses specific challenges – vaccine safety, fear of deportation, access to vaccines, etc.

  • Identify key influencers in the community that will agree to participate in public relations activities – radio and tv interviews, social media posts, posters/flyers, public speaking, etc.

  • Partner with key business leaders that can assist with the development of incentive programs – gift cards, raffles, PTO, tickets, free meals, vacations and more.


HWL’s Data-Driven Approach to Meeting Vaccination Targets

Our data-driven approach looks deep into current reporting to determine which communities face the greatest challenges. By completing a comprehensive review of metrics, our team can better understand ethnic and cultural nuances within each community and formulate a course of action. Through our strategic partnerships with local community leaders and the development of customized incentive programs, HWL has successfully administered more than 214,000 COVID-19 vaccines since April 21, 2021 in Georgia. 


Read, ‘GEMA/HS Leverage HWL’s Full-Service Vaccination Staffing Program.


How We Measure Success

Our success is measured by our ability to achieve specific vaccination targets and is validated through daily state reporting in GRITS. Nothing is left up to interpretation, all of our efforts are meticulously tracked.


Learn More: HWL Mobile Vaccination Program


Helping Our Partners Make a Difference


State Incentive Programs

Many states are rolling out incentive programs to help increase vaccination efforts. Incentives include prepaid gift cards, lottery cash prize drawings, scholarships, tickets to music festivals, vacation packages, public transit vouchers, complimentary fishing licenses, amusement park tickets, vehicles and more.

States currently offering vaccine incentives:

  • California
  • Ohio
  • Delaware
  • Minnesota
  • West Virginia
  • Maryland

Determining which vaccine to procure for each community is a key factor in success. This is something HWL can recommend after reviewing numerous data points and your vaccine goals. If you have additional questions about HWL’s Community Outreach Vaccination Program please call our sales department by phone at 833-HWL-INFO (833-495-4636) or submit a no-obligation program inquiry form here


Vaccination Resources

June 30, 2021/By Jeff Niles
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Author: Jeff Niles

Jeff is Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Healthcare Workforce Logistics and has been in healthcare contingent workforce management for over 15 years. Jeff has led sales, implementation, and client services to some of the largest and most influential healthcare providers with technology and solutions installed in over 3,000 hospitals in 50 states and the UK. Jeff is inspired to work with transformational leaders that have a vision to achieve the highest levels of efficiency, transparency, compliance, quality and cost savings. Contact Jeff at jniles@hwlmsp.com OR 630-913-6629
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